Inma began her watercolor journey in the spring of 2017 when she started researching to create silk scarfs with a botanical theme. The watercolor medium fascinated her so much that she fell in love with it. Inma Loves the most transparent of pigments from Sennellier and Schmincke. She loves nature and living in the country she is surrounded by it every day. There is beauty even in the decaying plants in the fall. She looks for interesting patterns and strange color arrangements in nature. Inma takes photos for inspiration and for reference to create compositions playing with the afternoon light. The afternoon sun light gives an intense color that fascinates her. Capturing this moment of light is her passion. The natural light can come from either a sunny window or outside in the garden. Inma paints from life if she has the time to paint before the plant dies or from her own photograph or both.

Amaryllis bulbs are special because they uplift us in the winter and they last a long time giving us time to study the form and paint them from life.

Another favorite flower is the parrot tulip. This flower is just incredible. It is very weird and interestingly crooked shape. 

Botanical watercolor painting brings Inma her bliss. 

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